Within and Between- walking in the space of Landscape;                       the Glasshouse Regional Gallery

21 Apr 2019 - 23 Jul 2019


“Walking involves moving through a space and upon a surface, as much as moving between place; it becomes a way of seeing, feeling or ‘knowing’ a landscape; it becomes a rhythmic process and the body becomes a vessel ‘collecting’ notations of visual and sensory information blended with fragments of memory.”
Wendy Stokes

Walking in the space of landscape merges experiences of connection and process, both being key to engaging, knowing and understanding a site.

Whilst attending a Cite International des Arts residency in Paris in 2014, Stokes spent time exploring Claude Monet sites of the coast and the Giverny Garden. This exhibition explores the parallels between these sites and interweaves her relationship with Australian landscape connections. 

Glasshouse scale installation
installation scale image
Glasshouse exhibition
In Between series
76cm (H) x 56cm (W)
Edge drawing
graphite frottage on A4 paper
Parallel Notations
204cm (H) x 500cm (W)
acrylic and oilstick on canvas
Glasshouse show
parallel notations
Within and Between - walking in the space of Landscape

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